$30 for 30 Minutes 

For private reading sessions, I'm available on Google Duo & Zoom. For private paranormal investigations, I'm also available locally to DFW, TX for house calls!

Mobile payments can be made with PayPal, Square, or Cashapp.


About Me

“I began my spiritual path in 2013 as a crystal witch, and since then I've spent the last few years embracing my gift and expanding my practice. Growing up I've always had an interest in the paranormal. Whether it was the odd light flickering or misplaced items- spirits have always followed me and guided me throughout life. As time went on, I began learning to harness my abilities as a medium to help others on both sides of the Veil. Today, I offer in-person readings at Hearth Wisdom Store to connect sitters to not only the other side, but to their own intuition and spirituality.”


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